Food on the Move

About Company

MoveOn™ is the brand owned by ANNUNAKI Products Pvt Ltd, which is an Indian based company & the part of ABL India which is a 4 decades experienced business group engaged in various business activities in India & abroad.

MoveOn™ is the first Indian company to have introduced the concept of heating the packed food on the move.


  • Self-Heating Ready to Eat Food for General Consumption, Military Applications, Travelling, Adventures, High Energy Food etc.
  • Self-Heating Meals i.e. both Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian.

We already have a strong presence in locations like – India, Canada, U.K, Middle East & are actively expanding to more markets as well.

No Need of any External Heat Devices

No need of any external heat devices like electric or gas heater, hot water, microwave oven, stove, fire etc. MoveOn™ allows you to heat your favorite & desired packed food, anywhere & anytime.

It completely removes the compulsion of having the undesired or unhygienic food served while travelling, adventures, gathering, military bases etc.

That is why we say,